The varenda school which was functioning in the house of Seyed Musthafa Notharis Hajiar (Great Notharis) for a long period.Since 1888 his great son Ahamed Naina Marikkar Saved as an instructor.


Varenda school of the house of Seyed Musthafa Noharis Hajiar, was later shifted to a cadjan hut at the place where now the college's present junior section is.This cadjan hut was danated to the government by the association of "Hidhayathul Islam" in order to begin government tamil medium mix school for entire weligama region.


Began to function in a new building.


Started to function as two sections, Primary and union under two seperate principals as an english and tamil medium school.


Under the administration of late Al-haj Veffa these two sections were brought together and S.S.C (Ordinary Level) classes were commenced.


Promoted as a high school.


H.S.C (Advanced Level) classes were started. As there were no enough spaces for this school. The land called "Hettiwaththa" was taken to the government and built a single building. This was possibled because of the untired effort of the former minister of education late Al-haj Badiudeen Mahmood and former principal of this school late Al-haj Veffa. Step by step this school recieved laboratory workshop and so on. The name of the school was changed from WELIGAMA MUSLIM MAHA VIDYLAYA to ARAFA CENTRAL COLLEGE on 1st of July 1961.


The school which was functioned under one administration was then seperated into two under two seprate principals as seperate sections (Arafa Junior Section and Arafa Senior Section).


Got the permisson to start G.C.E.(A/L) science stream and school hostel was started in a temporary building.


The hostel with enough facilities was declared open.


Promoted as a central school.


107th "Mahapola Exibition" was held. It was th first "Mahapola" held in a muslim school. And the school mosque to which the foundation was laid in 1964 was completed.


Promoted as a Ntional School.


The national Meelad-Un-Nabi celebration at a grand scale. Through this celebration this college could get the resources value more than 10 million rupees.

Arafa junior section which function as a seperate section, once again amalgamated the asministraion of the Arafa National School.


The Junior section of this school was declared as the LADIES SECTION.


Once again the ladies section was shifed to the junior section. And let it to function in a seperate environment. Since the classes from grade 01 to grade 05 are being functioned in the junior section.


Started english medium classes in grade 06.


01. S.M.N.H. AHMAD NAINA MARIKKAR (1889-1917)
02. S.A. HANNAN (1917-1920)
03. G.S.D.M. VALLIPURAM (1920-1926)
04. S.A. AMBALAM (1926-1929)
05. K. DEVASAHAYAM (1929-1930)
06. H. AISHAK (1930-1933)
07. C. PONNAIYA (1933-1935)
08. AL-HAJ D.S. ABDUL LATHEEF (1935-1946)
09. M.I. MOHAMED (Tamil Section) (1946-1951)
10. K. EDWARD (English Section) (1946-1947)
11. A.H.M.M. VEFFA (English Section) (1947-1951)
12. B.M.M. JUNAID (1951-1955)
13. A.H.M.M. VEFFA (1955-1965)
14. B.M. NAEEM (1965-1967)
15. AL-HAJ S.M.A.M. MUZAMMIL (1967-1970)
16. K.M. ABOOBAKKAR (1970-1972)
17. AL-HAJ M.N. UMAR MIHLAR (1972-1972)
18. AL-HAJ M.Y.M. MUSLIM (1973-1975)
19. AL-HAJ M.N. UMAR MIHLAR (1975)
20. S.F.A.M. NALIR (1975-1977)
21. A.R.M. HUSSAIN (1977-1982)
22. AL-HAJ A.M.M. UWAIS (1982)
23. S.F.A.M. NALIR (1982-1990)
24. AL-HAJ S.I.M. HAMSA (1991)
25. SEYED HARIS MOWLANA (1991-1993)
26. AL-HAJ M.H.M. ISMAIL (1993-1996)
27. AL-HAJ A.M.M. ARIFF (1996-2001)
28. A.M.F. MADANIYA (2001-2004)
29. M.B. MOHAMED (2004-2006)
30. J.S.W.A. MOWLANA (2006 to Onwards)